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    I hope this discussion will help me in my research ideas.
    I am a Msc Physics student r8 now in South India, i have no idea in getting into that but i have potential to do it.
    So, help me friends/scientists in some possible ways by clearing my doubts.
    Thank you frnds in advance!
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    Welcome Soundariya! Please do not change the font, I have changed it back for you.

    If you have questions, please ask them in the proper forums. I suggest that you first read our rules and spend some time reading some of the forums which interest you so that you see how questions are asked and responded to here. :smile: That's what I do when I go to a new forum.
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    Hey Evo,
    Thanks for your reply first .I have seen so many discussions here but not participated..
    I will put my questions in the respective forums.☺
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