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Vandelised signs.

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    Some silly bugger always seems to decide it's hilarious (which it often is) to change the letters on a sign so it says something else. What are the best you've seen?

    (Removed text in white.)
    Outside a bar-Play pool here!
    After a small river- Try your brakes!
    On a forest trail- No public path.
    And in the wilds of scotland- Every 'caution, deer' sign for 30 miles of empty road had a large red nose stuck on the deer.
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    I lived on base in base housing while I was stationed @ NAS Lemoore in central California. The different neighborhoods had different names and the officer's block was called stone park. Someone put an r at the end of stone.....When I first read that driving by I had to pull over because I was laughing so hard.
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