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Vandergraph Generator Demos

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    Hey guys,

    I need to know if anyone knows of any cool demos to do with a vandergraph generator. It is for a grd 9 level class. So far I have pie plates on top of it, bubbles, just holding it to make your hair stand up. The one that I would really want to know how to do is getting a long chain of people holding hands and one touching the generator. I know that you can make them all get a shock, but am not quite sure how this is done. If anyone could give a description that would be great! Thanks!
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    http://www.science-house.org/learn/vdgraaf.html [Broken]

    There's a related demo involving the holding hands thingy here : http://van.hep.uiuc.edu/van/demos/Plasma%20Ball/Plasma%20Ball.htm [Broken]
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