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Vapor in a tank

  1. Sep 7, 2007 #1
    Guys..I once again turn to your help.

    There is a certain amount of styrene in a tank at a certain temperature and pressure. i have vapor pressure for styrene at that temp. Can I calculate the amount of styrene in vapor phase and the amount in liquid phase? If so, how?

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    One would need the mass of styrene, the specific volumes of liquid and vapor at the given temperature and pressure, and the volume of the tank.
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    I can calculate the mass of liquid styrene. The tank is 50,000 gallons with about 65% full with liquid styrene. Do we need the volume of vapor styrene? or just the empty volume above the styrene. I want to calculate the volume of vapor styrene..so I obviously don't have that.
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    Check for Raoult and Henry's law, this will help you!
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