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Vaporize gasoline

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    Nothing fancy, I just want to turn gasoline into a vapor at various temperatures and various pressures with relative ease. I was thinking using specific heat with specific volume, or possibly a vacuum, and "like a bong" push air through it to vaporize it. The purpose of this is to make it feasable to mix air and fuel to get closer to true combustion "products CO2+H2O" and near perfect stoichiometry.


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    Stoner flamethrower alert?

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    Hi Kevin,
    Because of your comment about Smokey's Adibaic engine, I found the patent and in reading it, there was a lot of Thermal and Vaccuum control going on, but I think his key to success was in item 54 (not a part) rather an action, air spinning in a vortex chamber and working in conjunction with the compressor impeller (both in the same housing).

    Smokey gave few details about this key area, "In particular, referring to Fig. 3, a circular flange 200 including a pluraity of apertures 202 and a centrally located nipple 204 is suitably fastened to the inlet 120 of the turbine chamber 108."

    The comment about a plurality of apertures (in my thoughts) explains how air and fuel were diffused into a spinning/mixing action, as it entered the same chamber that has the compressing turbo impeller. This mass of air and fuel in a swirling motion might have a value of it's own, in addition to the turbo compression. Might explain his comments of low engine RPM no lag response.

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    The reason for no lag, is because the vapor, was expanding, think, what happens to your gas container in the shed in the summer? The turbine served two actions, it exchanged heat, mixed/stratified/hemogenized, the air and fuel, preventing premature combustion, and also acted as a one way valve to prevent the pressure and any flashback. I surmise no standard turbo was used here, probably an early vnt or vgt design, that was tied into the throttle. vacuum is very important, the reason he was able to pull this off was a custom camshaft, with zero valve overlap, which gave full vacuum throughout the powerband, and prevented burnt valves as a result in lean combustion. The mixture expanded further in the cylinder and was combusted after TDC, contrary to popular belief, because some of the force generated was by the expanding gas to force the crankshaft around and because of the loss of power by running rich, more power was needed to turn the crankshaft. You are absolutely correct, instead of using the turbo as a compressor alone he used it also as a turbine action, where combustion occured inside the chamber, not from compression and heat alone but from the electromagnetic energy released from the spark, remember he is running very lean, meaning littl fuel, which is why he can pull off 50+MPG. I want to use a similar design, however, I want to already be working with vapor fuel, not liquid.
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