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Vapour Pressure and Henry's Law

  1. Nov 5, 2006 #1
    I'm having trouble with this example:

    In qualitative chemical analysis, it is common to saturate water solutions with H2S(g). If H2S(g) is bubbled through water at 25 degrees C with a total pressure of 1atm, what would be the partial pressure of H2S in each bubble?

    Use this value and the k value for H2S to determine the molarity of H2S in this solution. Assume a density of water of 1.00g/ml.

    Data: k = 4.12E5 mmHg for H2S
    Pvap = 3.126E-2 atm for H2P

    I don't understand how to arrive at the partial pressure of H2S at each bubble, let alone finding molarity.... any help would be appreciated...

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