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Homework Help: Vapour pressure

  1. Feb 25, 2008 #1
    The vapor presurre of mercury is 0.00185 mmhg at 25 degree C. A single drop of Hg(0.1 mL) is spilled in a laboratory of dimensions 10m x 10m x3m. Does the entire drop evaporate? What is the partial pressure of Hg in the laboratory? (Use 13.6 g/ml for the density of Hg.) (b) The normal boiling point of mercury is 630 K. Caluculate an approimate value for vapor pressure.
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    Wouldnt it eventually evaporate, reguardless of the size of the drop? Its just a matter of time due to the system being "Open" and therefore any evaporation does not go into equilibrium with the surroundings?
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