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Variable Material Properties - Comsol

  1. Aug 15, 2009 #1

    I'm trying to define a material in Comsol which is neither dependent on any other Variable such as temperature nor can it be described by a formula in any direction.
    And my question is how to do that...
    What I have though is data describing the material at any given point ( derived from a calculation using "ordinary" material )
    I don't know how specific I should be in order to get any answers but I will try to explain what exactly I'm looking at. Please feel free to post if there anything is dubious.

    The material I have spoken of before has a variable E module. Working with the mechanics module of comsol I run a simulation of my problem and then I use the stress calculated to increase the E module were there exists a lot of stress and the decrease it were there is few. Each consecutive run using the output of the stress from the prior one.

    I am trying to implement this by writing the script in Matlab - any advice is appreciated ;)

    has anybody done something the likes of this before or a source which could help me along ?
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