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Variable Speed of Light Cosmology: An Alternative to Inflation

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    Does anyone know if VSL theories are being seriously researched, studied, and pursued?

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    I know of one guy called Joao Magueijo, who is working on this at Imperial College. I'm not particularly familiar with his work, but his webpage is at

    http://theory.ic.ac.uk/~magueijo/ [Broken]

    if you want to check it out.

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    Depends on what you mean by "seriously" ... there are a few people working on them. You can look for papers by Barrow, Moffat, and Magueijo.
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    i can think of only one way the speed of light can change,
    and that is whatever the light is traveling through, water, air,
    it has been mentioned that BECs can stop light, so what can
    change when light travels through space? i think its the
    "fine structure", and if i remeber correctly if that changes
    other things change.
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