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Varicose cell

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    I am sad to say this that my friend's aunt's sister's married only son unfortunately has to spend his life with this kind of symptoms - veins are shown clearly on the outer skin - a case one might easily find in several pregnant women's legs [warn you that they won't ease your eyes at all at first sight]. But here, he has it on his balls, possibly the left one, and surely sooner or later it will appears on the right one also.
    About the cause, I can conjecture that this is because he might have not taken enough physical exercises when he was young, indoor and outdoor sports do help a lot to prevent this. Just my guess that is obviously not ready on paper.

    Because blood stream comes in without being able to properly get streamed out, the test get redder than usual. I suggest him to see a doctor and ask for operation if it is painful everytime he is walking or sitting too long or some time later the left test might get smaller. The heat of the blood will kill most of the sperm produced so his wife will not be easily or never get pregnant.

    Varicose doesn't necessarily stop him from knocking up his wife, as I have heard but how sure you are that a wife will get pregnant even when the husband suffers from this tragedy ?

    Do you think my advice is correct that I would like him to make an operation by some known doctor if one of the balls can not be moved up due to lengthened veins up inside the test when he tries to narrow his belly anymore ?

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