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Various College Transcripts

  1. Aug 1, 2014 #1
    Hey guys, I was hoping to pick at the brains of those who are involved with the hiring process of recent graduates and/or are in the process of trying to obtain positions.

    To make it short, I have about 2 years left before I graduate with my degree in physics. I have a healthy GPA so far, 3.6 to be exact and I enjoy the program a lot. I have a degree from another university which I received 5 years ago, but it is not related to physics in anyway shape or form.

    Problem is, my grades really were sub par from that university and my transcripts look pretty gross from said university. I had some units transfer from that university over to my current college where I am studying physics now. It is kind of nice because the university has a practice of transferring the classes over but not attaching a letter grade to them, so basically I am awarded credit and escape taking a lot of the common core stuff over again, with out it hurting my GPA. So, I essentially start off on a clean slate in that sense.

    I am not going to ask about grad school because I already know the answer. They will want transcripts from every university attended. However, I think I may have my foot in the door with a certain company in the form of an internship that will then transfer over to full time employment upon graduation. I guess you can chalk it up to me being a worry wort, but what are the chances that the company will see that I have transfer units on my current transcripts from another university and then ask to see those transcripts as well? Thanks for any input in advance.
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    It's seems a tricky situation. I would provide the latest transcripts and wouldn't worry until they ask if they do. My feeling is they won't since your current grades are good and it's an internship. If it turns into a full time position it's because you did well as an intern so you'd have good grades and a good internship on your side and then these older grades won't matter so much.
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    I'm a physics senior who had just interned at a global consulting firm. They only asked for my transcript after I passed the job interview. Recruiters only look at your GPA, so I wouldn't worry too much about my transcript.
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