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Various Cultural Philosophies

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    Note: Greece was overrun by the Estruscans. Was it because their philosophy weakened their defence?

    Rome's philosophy of psedo-democracy left them open for invasion by the Huns and Barbarians... was it a weak philosophy... (or was it the impracticality of using lead piping to transport drinking water, thus poisoning their wine and power of reason)?

    China has never been taken away from the Chinese (it came close during WWII). Unless you consider Mongolia as separate from China. To this day the Chinese have maintained soverenty over their nation. What is so strong about their political and military philosophy?

    Japan has been a ruling force in the Pacific up until the end of the 2nd world war. (there may have been one other partially successful incursion in the 16th century?) What part of their political or military philosophy helped them maintain such a strong hold on their domain?

    The British Empire had a philosophy of order and regal-democracy that it expanded into much of Europe and Asia, even North America. Then, they lost their hold on some of their colonies. However, they made it look like part of their philosophy to "let go" of these colonies in the confidence that the nations were, finally, adapted to a democratic philosophy and able to function without them. Was this a good philosophy?

    Please correct any of my history notes if you see fit.

    Please have a go at exposing any examples of strengths or weaknesses in other national, cultural or dictatorial (overall) philosophies. Details will be appreciated.
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