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Variying constants and LQG

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    Today someone has asked me about the evidences about the variations of fundamental constants (mainly alpha)

    As it is known that variation attemps versus the equivalence principle.

    So i wonder, if that variation would be irrefutably confirmed how would it affect LQG?

    I mean, LQG depends strongly in the equivalence principle. If that is violated from the very first still makes sense to do LQG?

    I remeber that Magueijo, on ofthe more active researchers in VSL´s had gone to the perimeter institute soi suspect it can be some workaround to do LQG even if alpha is not a constant. Someone has detaills?
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    I saw an article a couple of days ago which says that the spectral lines of very distant quazars indicate that the fundamental constants may have been differents in the early universe. Did anyone else catch that article?

    Yes, I wonder how this would effect LQG. And I wonder how that would effect the accelerating expansion rate of the univerese.

    Yea, just found it. The article is here:


    For example, if the fine structure constant was stronger in the past, would that mean that supernovae would be brighter in the past than today so that their dimmer appearance means they are farther away than expected so that the cosmological expansion is accelerating more than expected?
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