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Varshni Empirical Expression

  1. Oct 28, 2009 #1
    Not exactly a homework question, but I wasn't sure if this should go to the general forums or homework forums since this is regarding schoolwork.

    I was doing an experiment regarding the conductivity of semiconductors and temperature (from rtp to 500 K) and I feel that in my calculations, I measured the [tex]E_{g}(0)[/tex]. However, the professor was saying that I measured instead the value [tex]E_{g}[/tex], which is constant for low temperatures.

    My reason for thinking that I got [tex]E_{g}[/tex] was I was reading up on semiconductors and came across this expression [tex]E_{g}(T) = E_{g}(0) - \frac{\alpha*T^2}{\beta+T}[/tex], [tex]E_{g}[/tex] refer to the energy gap of the semiconductor, [tex]\alpha[/tex] and [tex]\beta[/tex] are constants associated with the semiconductor and T is the temperature. I was just wondering if this worked over the entire range of temperature or only over a specific range?
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