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Varsity athletes

I am graduating college as a physics major in the spring. I have played a varsity D-I level golf all 4 years during college so my school time has been limited. I have been able to keep a pretty good 3.7 physics/math GPA and have been one of the top people in all my physics classes, despite missing many lectures. Unfortunatley, practicing every day for several hours left me with little other free time, hence I have absolutley no research experience. I figured it would be better to focus on grades rather than try to do research, do school, and play golf. I am interested in studying astrophysics in graduate school, but with no research experience I'm guessing I at big disadvantage. I haven't gotten any of my standardized test scores back, but I'm guessing my subject gre will be about 650-700. Do you think admissions commitees will let my lack of experience slide from being an athlete? Also, I am open to taking a year off and doing research before going to grad school, is there anywhere people know where I could do astrophysics research to make myself a better candidtate.
You would definitely be able to get in somewhere. Top programs might be disappointed with no research but I'd apply anyway. With the grades alone I would hope you would have a good chance in most places if not everywhere. Of course, I'm speaking as someone who would be applying and not someone who reviews applications.

Good luck!