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Vatican to Host Debate On Infinity

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    I heard about this debate and wanted to share with you what information I have gathered so far.....maybe you'all can find more out about it. I'll try and keep you posted, and thought maybe this would be a great subject to keep posted on!? For now though, I just wanted to let you know about it:

    http://ansa.it/main/notizie/awnplus/english/news/2005-11-04_1883147.html [Broken]

    Vatican to Host Debate On Infinity:

    This 3-day event, which starts 11/9/05, will examine the concept of the infinite in four contexts: Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy and Theology. Scientists due to attend are Agrentinian Juan Maldacena, an internationally renowned figure in Quantum Gravity and String Theory.....

    Also, Pontifical Latern University will be hopefully providing transcripts of this event:

    http://www.stoqnet.org/lat/laterano.html [Broken].

    It has been a long time since distinguished scientists, philosophers and theologians had an occasion to discuss in an International Conference the theme of infinity and the role it plays in their respective disciplines.

    Is infinity in modern mathematics simply a formal tool without any referential value?
    In modern cosmological theories is the universe finite or infinite in space and/or time, or is this question ill-posed?
    Is the traditional assertion of the infinity of the human mind a tenable ontological position to justify human individual freedom and rationality given modern cognitive sciences?
    Are the infinity of human freedom and the infinity of God’s freedom mutually exclusive, as some 20 th Century philosophers claimed?
    These are some of the questions speakers will be invited to address during the different Conference Sections on:

    “Infinity in Physics and Cosmology”,
    “Infinity in Mathematics and Logic”,
    “Infinity in Ontology and Mind Philosophy”, and
    “God's Infinity in the Different Theological Traditions ”.
    Concluding each day of the Conference, Panel Sessions will give all the participants an opportunity to intervene in open debate on these topics.

    The official language of the Conference is English, wit simultaneous translation into Italian.

    The STOQ Project…
    Is rooted ina collaboration of three Roman Pontifical Universities: Lateran, Gregorian and Regina Apostolorum, under the high patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture, with the support of the John Templeton Foundation .
    Is aimed at developing the dialogue and the confrontation between Science and Religion, to face many theoretical, ethical and cultural challenges posed by current developments in science to the Christian vision of world, the human person and society.
    Is articulated over three years in different research programs at the three Universities. Students may follow courses of the STOQ Project at each of the three Universities.
    Is directed towards students, scientists, philosophers, theologians and all those interested in deepening the rational bases of their faith, or grappling with the issues of being believers at the beginning of the Third Millennium.

    Interesting! If any of you can find more info on this conference, let me know! Thanks, Leah o:)
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    Why is this being held exactly? The questions posed are either impossible to confirm/disconfirm or they simply don't matter.
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    Infinity is bad!
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    i think it seems really neat. i just attended a physics lecture about intelligent design that was really interesting. the lecture wasn't about whether the universe was designed or just formed through evolution, but it was about the debate between the two opposing viewpoints. i think that this meeting at the vatican is the same idea. not so much about discussing infinity, but about religion and science and math and philosophy all getting together in general.
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    I think sitting through any conference given by the Vatican would feel like an eternity so You might be able to grasp infinity.
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    Amen ! o:)

    That's one giant leap, from Trinity to Infinity ! :eek:
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    Perhaps the archbishops are just curious. If I were one I would certainly want to start up a convention with lots of lecturing scientists.

    I'd take it as a good thing that the Catholic church wants to reach out to the rest of the mainstream scientific community. It shows that they are more reasonable and not condemning all who believe that the Earth is the center of the universe. :uhh:
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    Are you trying to say im not the center of the universe? :tongue2: :tongue2:
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    You do realize that the catholic church pretty much accepts evolution, and the big bang, right?
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    shhh, if that gets out, the P&WA forum will be a dud.
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    So this is finished now, right? What happened? Any breakthroughs?
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    Turns out infinity is mathematically equal to 5.
  14. Nov 11, 2005 #13
    it is not. that's not even half
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    How were you the funniest member of 2004? Im 5 times funnier then you which means it is imposslbe to be funnier then me.
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