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Vb 6 std can you help?

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    hi everyone
    can you help me?
    i use visual basic 6 std to make a small engineering cad application
    i want to implement a snap grid feature but in vb6std i have been unsuccessful
    the reason being i cant find a method,precedure,function
    for example xxxx.cursormove(x,y)
    to force move the cursor onto the snap grid at the position i want
    does the std edition support such a call??
    is there a lib i could use which contains such a call??

    your help will be appreciated,thank you.
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    check the CURRENTPOSITON function, that may do what you want.
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    Integral :
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    Read my Journal check the CURRENTPOSITON function, that may do what you want.
    as far as i know xxxx.currentx/y is a property not a function,
    does it also move the cursor?? i havent tried it

    thanks Integral
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    Read my Journal Check this out:
    http://www.vbcity.com/forums/faq.as...t=Mouse#TID6688 [Broken]
    thanks futb0l
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