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VB & oracle in school

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    I ll graduate next year from college as a mechanical engineer. I had VB & oracle in school, I simply hated C, will it affect my career in anyway?? Should I study C now itself, or i can leave it??
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    Re: C??

    I wouldn't think you would use much C as an ME. I use it a lot for writing hardware tests and such in my EE work, but I don't think I've ever seen an ME code in C. More likely you'll be using simulation software, and maybe scripting some stuff in Perl or Tcl, or writing your own simulations in Matlab.
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    Re: C??

    thats right!
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    Re: C??

    So matlab is more popular than maple or other software in ME? I am going to graduate in ME also. I want to learn softwares but I just want to concentrate in a software/programming language that will help me in future. Any suggestion?
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    Re: C??

    I use c/c++ (ROOT) for particles physics (cosmic ray) research. My buddy uses C/C++ for EE work. I also am using BASIC (Basic Stamp) for data collection in astrophysics research.

    I can't think of too much you would use c for in ME but I have no experience with it. That said though, hating c is not going to get you anywhere. What about it did you not like. It is certainly a good skill to possess; Well, any programing experience is worthwhile really.

    I think it comes down to personal opinion for matlab, maple, mathematica, octave, etc.. you tend to use and learn to like what ever program you have to use. I've used maple and mathematica for various different physics and math classes.
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    Re: C??

    Yes right, hating it wont get me anywhere. that is exactly why I asked if I should learn it or not?
    A part of the hate comes from the fact that I first learned VB, & obviously since it is toooooo easy, I didn't feel like using C. But having said that, I do know the basics very well(I topped my school), so I was wondering should I learn or it leave it??(considering the fact, I still have 1 more year in college)

    I used a bit of Mat lab, I can write functions & some stuff, thats pretty much all of it.
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    Re: C??

    A lot of languages are based on or are similar to C.
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