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VBA help

  1. Sep 17, 2007 #1
    Hey guys.....I'm not real smooth with programming, but I've got some of it done.

    I need to use the formulas I have in the code, and export the data back into my excel sheet......The first Do-Loop is for the Fixed Point iterations, and the second part is for the NR method. I just need to learn how to make this get me my numbers into the spots on the sheet.

    I'm not sure what I have is correct(other than the formulas).

    If you guys can advise me, or show me once...I can probably do my best to carry it on.

    Thank you,

    ***Ok, well it didn't let me attach the file...so I'm not sure what to do....

    Can anyone help me out still....or maybe direct me to a website??
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    You didn't give us a lot to go on, but.... Look at the help for the CELLS function.
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    Actually, I mostly figured it out.......I'll probably be posting more, as the year goes on.....Thanks for the help tho!!!!

    Is there any way to post a macro......or the excel file?
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