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VBA PowerPoint AnyoneReplace Exisiting Pictures in New Format?

  1. Jul 30, 2009 #1
    Okay. Here's a good one: I recently used a PowerPoint pres to organize a bunch
    of Data from Excel. I have about 100 slides that have 4 Objects on each slide.

    Each Object is a Copy/Paste Special of a Range from an Excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately, in my
    haste I Paste Specialed them all as MS Excel Worksheet Objects. These use
    a lot of memory.

    I would like to write a VBA code that will go through each slide, select each
    object and convert it to a Bitmap.

    Any ideas on this one?

    How about the first step: How do I get PPT to select each of the 4 images? (or even ALL
    of them simultaneously.

    Note that the Objects are not the only things on each slide.
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