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VCSEL, dynamics theory?

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    Is there a theory of dynamics in VCSEL lasers? Especially polarization dynamics?

    So far I confronted mostly empirical derivations with a bunch of coefficients. I was wondering if there is a more general theory, probably based on quantum mechanics, concerning dynamics in VCSELs?

    If so, please provide the link.

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    That is somewhat complicated as the range of devices termed VCSEL is quite large. Planar structures or micropillars? Quantum wells or quantum dots as gain medium? Geometry? Material? I assume you are interested in planar QW-VCSELs:

    A basic model is presented in Phys. Rev. A 52, 1728 (1995):

    A somewhat simplified (but usually valid) approach is given in Phys. Rev. A 57, 2080 (1998):
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    Hi Cthugha, thanks! 1 article is familiar to me. Yes I meant QW planar VCSEL.
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