Vector Addition - Grade 12

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Homework Statement

A land surveyor walks 5200m @ 330 degrees and then turns and goes an additional 3000m @ 180 degrees. Find his final displacement using the law of sines/cosines.

Homework Equations

I know the law of sines is a/sinA = b/sinB = c/sinC, and the law of cosines is a^2=b^2 + c^2 - 2bc cos A. I just don't know how to get started.

The Attempt at a Solution

I have no attempt at this solution except for a picture.

Answers and Replies

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Have you drawn a diagram? If that is your picture, why don't you post it.
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just a suggestion. if you have problems in adding vectors then:
you can resolve each vector in x -y axis and then add them, it may help
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It looks like you need to draw a triangle with the information given. You are given an angle and two side lengths. From there you should be able to apply one of those laws.
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yeah, that is the way. go on
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Where are you getting stuck? If you can get that far you are almost done.
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hologramANDY and ashishsinghal, please note the OP hasn't been back since making the post.

You both seem to be speaking to each other. Take note of the OP's name and I'd recommend waiting for a response before endlessly posting in this thread.