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Homework Help: Vector addition help

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    A bird can manage 50 KmHr-1 in still air. There is a wind blowing eastward at 30kmhr-1, the bird wishes to travel south. The resultant speed the bird carries in the southerly direction is?

    For equations i just used vector addition, and pythagorous (A2+B2=C2)

    The first time i thought about this problem, i assumed the speed stayed the same, and the bird just got blown of coarse this is in correct though. So i did vector addition, which is obviously wrong as I had to include the southern speed (50kmHr-1).
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    Vector addition is correct. What vectors are involved, though? One is the air velocity. What other vectors?

    Cheers -- sylas
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    For some reason I come up with 20km/hr.

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