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Homework Help: Vector Analysis

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    I'm honestly totally clueless on 4 and 10. For #4a, I plugged in dN/ds and used the product but didn't see a solution. I did something similar for 4b. I also don't see how the two hints help. For 10, I multiplied f and the two vectors, tried to find the divergence, used the product rule twice, I believe. Sorry I don't have my notes scanned for these two.



    Here are some notes related to #4, I imagine.


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    The hints for 4a and 4b suggest you differentiate those expressions (the ones in the hints) with respect to s.

    For problem 10, you want to use the identities for [tex]\nabla\cdot(f\vec{A})[/tex] and [tex]\nabla\times(f\vec{A})[/tex]. They should be in your textbook somewhere.
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