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Vector Analysis?

  1. Apr 21, 2014 #1


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    So I'm transferring from community college to university this fall and I will have all of my basic math completed (Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra), and I was wondering if Vector Analysis would be a good first 300 level class. I'm not sure I'm ready for 300 level math but I have done well in calculus and linear algebra but I'm afraid it will be too difficult for me. I'm probably just being paranoid, though.

    Also, I heard next semester that a really good professor is teaching it so should I take advantage of that opportunity? I mean I'll have to take it at some point anyways.

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    I don't see why not, assuming you have taken the prerequisite courses. If you're not sure, maybe contact the professor and see what he/she thinks?
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    If you were good at vector calculus ( calculus 3) then vector analysis is that class on drugs, it was not very hard for me at all. I do recommend linear algebra first though
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    I actually am taking that class this semester and I have a B+ in it and I am taking Calc III over the summer so should I take vector analysis straight out of Calc III? According to the school Linear Algebra isn't a prereq, but Calc III is.
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    How much exposure to proofs have you had? Any 3000-level math course will be proof based!
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    It wasn't a requirement for our class either but you will get to some linear algebra concepts in there. It was a lot of proofs but we were asked to apply them not really prove them. On occasion we were asked to prove some but other professors that taught the class didn't ask for any proofs, so I guess it depends.
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