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Vector Calc Questions

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    How "help" you? All you have done is post the problems. If you don't tells what you DO understand about the problems, or show us what you have tried and where you are stuck, I don't know what we can say that will help.
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    I'm not trying to be rude, but I just need explanations on how I should do those questions. I've done all the others questions, but I got stuck on those.
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    You still haven't shown what you tried and where you are getting stuck?
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    Don't worry, a mod can close or delete this thread. Apparently it was too much to request. Next time I'll take pictures of my dry erase board and post them.
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    You are mistaken. Getting help here is not too much of a request, asking others to do your work for you, is. There is no need to take pictures of your dry erase board, you can simply show your steps on here by typing them out and then saying "now I'm stuck" or "I think the next step is... but I don't know how to logically get there". A few of the questions you got stuck on were proof questions, at your level it seems those are pretty rare but if you continue to take math courses, you will get more and more of them - you need to get used to spending hours on a single problem. Some of your problems seemed to have been purely computational, which suggests that you haven't looked up formulas, that is not good. At the very least when you ask a question you should know all the definitions and formulas that apply to that question.
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    Considering I am voluntarily doing the problems, its not work I'm trying to have other people do for me. Like I said even one clear, not beating around the bush, answer would have helped. I didn't have time explain everything I knew about the questions b/c I was studying.
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    It IS work you are trying to have others do for you, maybe not work that you have to turn in but work you have to understand since hopefully those questions are reflective of what will be tested. If you don't have time to explain everything you know about a problem and show your thought process, then why would you expect others to take their time out :-). The point of this forum, IMO, is to help guide students to the right answer by showing where their flaw in logic comes into play. If you show your work, people can point out that you made an error in either computations or logic and you will remember it better rather than looking at someone's solution and going "oh yeah that looks right". Good luck in your studies.
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