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Homework Help: Vector Calc Questions

  1. Jun 30, 2009 #1
    1.) find the vector v w/ the given magnitude and the same direction as u.
    //v// = 2 u = < sq. rt. 3, 3>

    2.) find the component form of v given its magnitude and the angle it makes w/ the positive x-axis.
    //v// = 2 theta = 150 degrees

    3.) find the component form of u + v given the lengths of u and v and the angles that u and v make w/ the positive x-axis
    //u// = 2 theta u = 4 //v// = 1 theta v = 2

    I already know the answers are <1,sqr rt. 3> < -sqr. rt. 3, 1> and <2 cos 4 + cos 2, 2 sin 4 + sin 2>, I 'd just like an explanation of how to get those answers.
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    It's immaterial whether you know the answers or not; you need to show that you have tried something before you'll get any help.
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