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Vector calc textbook?

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    I'm trying to find a vector/multivarible calculus textbook that impressed folks that used it. I'd appreciate any pros or cons of any that you've personnaly used. I can get Marsden & Tromba at abebooks.com used & VERY cheap but too many people think that text sux (at amazon.com reviews). Most of them seem to prefer one by Stewart but if they're referring to "Calculus : Early Vectors" by James Stewart, then I can't find it for under $100 - much more than I'd like to spend. Besides, half that book just seems like Calc I stuff (though the presentation of the material does seem to be of extraordinary quality).

    [Also, I'll probably buy the textbook with "Div, Grad, Curl, and All That" - any comments on that book?]

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    I've got Stewarts 5th edition "multivariable calculus". You can buy just the latter half (calc 3 and 4) of the stewart's books alone, the expensive ones are calc 1 -4. My book was 70$, not too bad in hawaii.

    It's not impressive (what calculus text is? What one fool can do can another can do, right?) , but it is exceptionally readable.

    Also, if you are just trying to learn the stuff, there are no secrets unlocked in Div, Grad, curl... that won't be repeats of what is in a full multivariable textbook.
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    As someone whose required textbook was Marsden and Tromba, I'll stand by what the people at Amazon told you. It was not that great a book, IMO.
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    Wilfred Kaplan, "Advanced Calculus"

    I have an extra copy if you are interested, its in almost-perfect condition though, so it might be too pricey.
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    Thanks for the input.

    I ended up going with "Multivariable Calculus : Concepts and Contexts" - 2nd Edition. It had excellent reviews and found it (new) for $45. It's always a gamble...

    Also downloaded some good Mathematica lab courses for multivariable calc; hoping to be able to combine the lab stuff with textbook study and someday get a handle on vector fields.

    Happy Friday!
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