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Vector Calculation Using Angle

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    Its been a while since I've done any type of calculus.
    So here we go. Vectors is this scenario represent cords, which will translate in a vector in future calulations
    For the purposes of this calculation, Vectors only use (x, y).
    Vector 1 originates from pivot (0,0) and is of constant length X.
    Vector 2 is the result of Vector 1 pivoting by angle A and what I need is the formulas for calculating the new position of Vector 2 using the constant length X.

    Many thanks.
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    What you're asking isn't calculus rather its more vector algebra. Anyway...

    Okay so you have an xy coordinate system so for vector v

    vx = |v| cos theta And vy = |v| sin theta

    Can't you simply use vx to determine theta and then sub in angle+theta to compute the new cords?
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