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Vector Calculus Tromba learning supplements

  1. Feb 10, 2014 #1
    Hello I'm taking a vector calculus course that's using the above book. I have the textbook, the solution manual, and a chegg account. However these three things aren't helping me. My learning style is I like to spend some time working over the theory, then I work the examples then try out some homework questions and if I get stuck I'll go over the solutions. It's only when it's done in that order that the solutions provide any value.

    So now there's a massive gap in my learning approach because I can't understand a thing tromba is saying. Every sentence, every example, every proof is not accessible for me. As a result I can't spend the time thinking about the theory because it's in a language that's not accessible to me. If I go into my teacher's office hours and we translate then I can understand and move on with the process, but its not practical for me to always go to office hours just to try to read the section.

    Can you recommend some reading material or even better a video series that runs parallel to Tromba in purpose but with more accessible and less precise language? What I'd like to do is learn from a supplement, then translate tromba and then move on with the above process. I'm not trying to go on to deep theoretical math, I'm trying to work through this vector calc class in an efficient way.

    Thanks so much for any recommendations or advice.
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