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Homework Help: Vector components on the tip of hand on a clock

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    Hiya all, i'm stuck on a physics question set for homework. It asks "draw vector diagrams to scale to show the vertical and horizontal components of the velocity of the tip of the hand at quater-past, twenty past, twenty-five past and half past the hour." The hand is 20cm long so using the circumference formula and dividing it by time, i get 0.00034m/s as the velocity at quater past. I've drawn the hands and the x and y axis so is the x and y axis both 0.00034m/s or that x=0.00034m/s and y=om/s? or do i have to work out the velocity of the tip at those points and then work out the components? if so, how do i do that?
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    Yes, you will need to work out the components of motion at each postion. Think about it! How is the motion different at 3 then at 9?
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    so will i have to make the verticle 0?
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    and will the points be 0.2266666m/s at 20 past and 0.0001133333m/s at 25 past and then use FcosA on the points to find the vectors?
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