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Vector components

  1. Feb 7, 2009 #1
    Vector A has a magnitude of 17 (in some unspecified units) and makes an angle of 27° with the x axis, and a vector B has a length of 26 and makes an angle of 75° with the x axis. Find the components of the vector in the following.
    (a) C = A + B
    ( , )

    (b) C = A - B
    ( , )

    (c) C = A + 4B
    ( , )

    (d) C= -A-7B
    ( , )

    I did the entire problem and submitted it to webassign and it came back as wrong.

    what i first did was draw vector a from the origin pointing up diagnally between the x and y axis. then from the tip of that i connected the tail of b pointing in also up diagnally between the x and y just with a sharper angle ( so the a is shaped like the bottwem half of the symbol '>' and then i added a '/' symbol to the tip)

    so thats my picture. then i connected the end of A and the tip of B with a vector C. i then solved all the lengths of the smaller triangles then added ax and bx and ay and by to get the entire c vector's triangle for a+b = c. then i did ax-bx and ay-by to fnd a-b=c and so on.

    my answers i got for the problem that webassign says is wrong:
    (a) c= a + b

    (b) c= a-b

    (c) c= a + b4

    (d) c= -a -7b
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  3. Feb 7, 2009 #2
    did you make any attempt at the problem? If you arent sure where to start, break the vectors A and B into their x and y components
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