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Vector Equation Help

  1. Sep 27, 2010 #1
    I am reading a book, and I see the following mathematical statements:

    [PLAIN]http://mynqa.com/Cargo/Untitled2.bmp [Broken]
    and I have worked it out and it makes sense.
    Then another statement comes up, regarding the radial acceleration this time:
    [PLAIN]http://mynqa.com/Cargo/Untitled.bmp [Broken]
    This second equation does not make sense to me, when I work it out myself, using the first equation which I had successfully worked out, I arrive at the right side but missing the term:
    [PLAIN]http://mynqa.com/Cargo/term.bmp [Broken]
    where does this middle term come from?

    I know I am not providing much information as to what the equation is expressing, that is because what I am asking is primarily mathematical. These are vectors. OH one thing to know however, in the book they define vectors with the up-arrow/hat as soley direction, (magnitude 1) and the vectors with arrows pointing to the side as normal vectors, and corresponding letters without anything overhead is magnitude.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Well I found out why I wasn't getting that extra term, is it because I was foolishly considering r12 a constant, when it is differentiable.
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