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Homework Help: Vector HELP

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    i was given a graph and was told the find the X and Y components of the 2 vectors (C and D) and their Resultant R. i found the x,y components easily. now do i use the pythagorean theorem to find the resultant of C and D. and is that the answer? thanks ~Dave
    (i have a graph, but it was too big to attach)
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    suppose u have The net X & Y component Rx & Ry

    Then u have
    R= Rx i + Ryj
    where i & j are unit vectors along x and y axis

    So the net resultant would have magnitude given by Pythagoras TH i.e

    R2 = Rx2 + Ry2

    and direction tan(\theta)=Ry/Rx

    Pls Note While calculating the angle
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    and don't forget

    x=r cos(angle)
    y=r sin(angle)

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