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Vector integral

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    How do integrate this? I wish to see it step by step and I'm glad for any help i can get.
    [tex]\int_{ \vec{r}\in{A}} \frac{ \vec{v}+ \vec{\omega}\times\vec{r}}{| \vec{v}+ \vec{\omega}\times\vec{r}|}d^{2}r[/tex]
    where A is area of disk with radius R.
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    Can you explain some details? Where does the integral come from? Are v and omega constant for all r? Is omega perpendicular to the disk?
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    [tex]\omega[/tex] is the angular velocity of the disk, v is the translational velocity. v and [tex]\omega[/tex] are constants. Integration extends over the area of the disk with [tex]\vec{r}[/tex] vectors starting at the center.
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