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Vector Motor

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    The crane that we use in our warehouse is not operational the repair tech said the vector motor is defective. Any recommendation as to where we can find a second hand vector motor?
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    Do you mean a vector controlled motor ?

    Vector control ( also named Field Oriented Control, FOC ) is used in context with synchronous- or induction motors. Maybe you can get the motor itself repaired ( a new coil ) or the failure could be in the driver/controller.

    The advantage in repairing the motor is that you don't have to retune the controller, because the repaired motor will be identical to the original motor.
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    I agree with Hesh! One option is to consider a repair or otherwise you may look for replacements. However, If you still need help with vector motors. I saw some companies who can offer a wide range of motors and encoders in the internet.
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    Thanks for the responses. I am actually thinking of considering full replacement instead just to avoid recurrence but it will be another long process. This really takes a toll on us as our operations is being hampered.

    Does anyone have a first hand experience on Dynapar? Checked out their site and they have a lot to offer (vector motor, various encoder including BEI encoder). Let me know please.
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