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Vector OFDM?

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    Is vector OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency division multiplexing) same as MIMO?
    What are vector blocks in a MIMO system then?
    I know what is Frequency division multiplexing but can't understand orthogonal FDM.
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    OFDM is a form of FDM. In ordinary FDM, carrier spacing is wide enough, including guard bands, to prevent interference between carriers. In OFDM, carrier spacing is very close, so close that carriers actually overlap. This is achieved by having all carriers digitally modulated, and at exactly the same baud rate. Carrier spacing is then chosen such that the center frequency of each carrier cooresponds to a spectral null of all other carriers. (Digital modulation produces sinc spectral envelope).

    MIMO is a scheme for using multiple antennas for spatial diversity.
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    ok but do you have any idea of VECTOR OF OFDM? and what are vector blocks of a channel
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    Can you give us some links to the materials you have been reading about this? The term "vector" would have pretty different meanings in the contexts of MIMO and OFDM...
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    On Performance of Vector OFDM with Zero-Forcing Receiver

    I am doing research on this paper. but can't figure out the whats the difference between VOFDM and OFDM? and similarly what are vector blocks

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