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Homework Help: Vector Problem

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    I need help on this vector problem. We haven't started yet, but this was one of the problems on the syllabus.

    Your home is 15.0 km at a direction 40 degrees northwest. If you walked 10.0 km north, in what direction and distance would you have to walk to get home?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated
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    Welcome to Physicsforums! hope you enjoy your stay.

    A vector is a quantity that has a magnitude(like 15 km) and direction (like north or south or an angle such as 40deg).

    A good place is always to start with a diagram so you can visually see what is going on.

    Your home is 15 km away but 40 degrees north OF west. Can you draw this?

    I am not permitted to help you unless you show an effort or ask probing questions.
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    so far, i've done this and i'm not sure whether or not im correct.

    l \
    l \
    l \ --->15 km
    l \
    l___\ ----> 40 degrees

    sorry, im really bad at making diagrams on the computer. It just wanst coming out right. Basically i mae a triangle, with a hypotenuse of 15 and one of the angles (the one opposite the hypotenuse) is 40 degrees.
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    Looks correct to me. However, it is not teh angle opposite to the hypotenuse. it is the angle with the x axis and hypotenuse.

    Now you walk north 10km. What direction and distance do you walk to reach home?
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    Is the answer 11.1?

    I used pythagorean theorem.


    10^2 + b^2= 15^2

    He needs to walk 11.1 km east to get home

    Please let me know whether this is right or wrong.
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    yea it is right. Try to keep more decimal places. 11.1 is quite different than 11.18.
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    Ok, thanks alot. You've been a great help.
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