Vector problem

So suppose we have to go to a specific direction, say 300 miles west, but there is a wind blowing at 45 mi/hr .. how do I know what direction I should travel.
And also whats the difference between ground speed and airspeed??

Sorry, I dont have a attempt because I dont know how to find the direction


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airspeed is the speed of the plane relative to the air.
groundspeed is relative to the ground.
Draw a vector diagram. Begin with the wind vector. Then draw the airspeed vector beginning at the end of the wind vector. Make it end up so the total vector going from beginning to end of the chain of arrows is pointing straight west. Use trigonometry to solve for the unknown you are looking for.
Thanks but I meant like the exact angle ... the mathematical way
thank you :D


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Trigonometry IS mathematical! And you can use it to find the angle.

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