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Vector Problem

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum, I'm taking honors Physics this year and I'm not sure of what I'm doing in this homework problem...

    "Joe pushes on the handle of a 10 kg lawn spreader. The handle makes a 45 degree angle with the horizontal. Joe wishes to accelerate the spreader from rest to 1.39 m/s/s in 1.5 seconds. What force must Joe apply to the handle? Neglect friction."

    I've done part of it but I'm not sure whether its right...
    F= (10 kg)(1.39 m/s/s)
    F= 13.9 N
    But where does the 45 degrees come in? Am I completely off track?

    Thank you,
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    hmm... meter / sec^2 are units of acceleration not velocity.
    Remember that the force is applied at an angle, thus
    having two abvious parts you can divide it into, advisably
    in accordance with the direction of motion. :wink:
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    Ohh I see. I didn't realize it was that easy haha. Thanks a lot
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