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Vector Quantities in word 2007

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    Do anyone know how I could make vector quantities in Microsoft Word 07, for example something like F = ma, I want a vector notation on F and a. Please be as specific as you can.

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    Hmm, I don't have 2007 up on this computer, but IIRC its the same procedure as 2003, its just a matter of locating the insert object on the correct ribbon.

    For 2003, I do this:

    Select Insert->Object
    Select Microsoft Equation 3.0
    Type in my equation
    Select the object I want to identify as a vector, and click on the little vector arrow thing from the embellishments portion of the free-floating equation editor toolbox that popped up
    Click somewhere outside of the equation when I'm done

    Like I said, I'm pretty sure 2k7 still uses Microsoft Equation 3.0, but hopefully someone can confirm.
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    Yes, you go "Insert" tab ->Equation from Symbols group
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    Very close to dotman's reply:
    Click on Insert > Equation > Insert New Equation... and enter the equation. Afterwards, add vector arrow accent by selecting the character and then clicking Accents > Rightwards Harpoon Above or similar. You can then add your equation to the list of quick-select equations by clicking the down arrow next to your equation and choosing "Save as new Equation".
    If you're going to be making lots of vectors, you can record a macro for the appropriate steps (View > Macro > Record Macro) instead of doing a lot of repetitive clicking in the same spots.
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    I found it! Thanks for the help everyone, appreciate it.
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