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Homework Help: Vector Question

  1. Feb 5, 2008 #1
    [SOLVED] Vector Question

    Im doing my homework online because thats where it needs to be done. For answers with unit vector notation in them, I thought that vectors didnt have units. When I put them into the program and select these dont have units...they get marked wrong. Do they have units?
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    A unit vector is different from a physical unit. Certainly a vector can have a physical unit attached to it. For instance a force is a vector quantity and as you may know, force is measured in units of Newtons (N).
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    There are two forces on the 1.38 kg box in the overhead view of Fig. 5-31 but only one is shown. For F1 = 18.4 N, a = 13.6 m/s2, and θ = 29.2°, find the second force (a) in unit-vector notation. So would the units for A be N??
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    By the way. Im not asking the problem to be done...I just need units
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