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Homework Help: Vector space proof?

  1. Sep 29, 2009 #1
    vector space proof??

    Let V = ((a1,a2): a1,a2 [tex]\in[/tex] R).
    For (a1,a2), (b1,b2) [tex]\in[/tex] V
    and c [tex]\in[/tex] R, define

    (a1,a2) + (b1,b2) = (a1 + 2b1, a2 + 3b2) and c(a1,a2) = (ca1, ca2).

    Is V a vector space over R with these operations? Justify your answer.

    Does this set hold for all the eigth vector space properties?
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    Re: vector space proof??

    That's a good question. Let me know when you find out. :rofl:

    More to the point, which ones have you tried?
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    Re: vector space proof??

    list the properties of a vector space & test them - easy
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