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Homework Help: Vector space

  1. Jan 21, 2009 #1
    given these 3 vectors

    w1=(1 0 1 -1)
    w2=(2 1 2 -3)
    w3=(3 1 1 -2)

    and i am asked to find a basis of W, subspace of R4

    to do this am i supposed to put these vectors into a matrix and try elliminate rows, leaving the basis being the rows i could not get rid of??

    does it matter if i put them in a "standing" matrix "A" or a "lying down" matrix "At "

    i tried this with an At like matrix, but couldnt elliminate any of them,? are they all 3 the basis or have i done something wrong?
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    If you can't create a row of zeros by elimination, then they are linearly independent and you need them all to form a basis of their span, yes.
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