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Homework Help: Vector spans M2,2

  1. Apr 24, 2009 #1
    Hi,I have a question like this :
    Determine whether the given set of vector spans M2,2
    {(5 3;0 0),(0 0;5 3),(6 -1;0 0),(0 0;6 1)}

    I wonder can I jus directly prove that
    a(5 3;0 0)+b(0 0;5 3)+c(6 -1;0 0)+d(0 0;6 1) = (5a+6c 3a-c;5b+6d 3b+d)
    is also a M2,2 and hence,it is a vector sets spans M2,2?

    Thanks a lot!
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    matt grime

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    The definition of a set of vectors spanning the whole of the vectors space is what? Because you've not stated it, nor verified it is true.

    Note that this being M_2,2, is irrelevant: it is just a 4-d vector space, so there's no need to write things as matrices.
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    No, the fact that the particular linear combination is in M2,2 only means that these matrices span some subspace of M2,2- which is true of any collection of matrices in M2,2. What you must prove is that any matrix in M2,2 can be written as a linear combination of them.

    (u v; x y) is in M2,2 for any real numbers u, v, x, y. Can you find a, b, c, d such that a(5 3;0 0)+b(0 0;5 3)+c(6 -1;0 0)+d(0 0;6 1)= (u v; x y) for any u, v, x, y?

    Also, since, as Matt Grime said, this is a 4 dimensional space and your set contains exactly 4 matrices, this set spans M2,2 if and only if it is independent. If a(5 3;0 0)+b(0 0;5 3)+c(6 -1;0 0)+d(0 0;6 1)= (0 0; 0 0), what must a, b, c, d be?
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