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Vector Sum Requirement

  1. Dec 11, 2008 #1
    I have document that list different technical requirements on a project I'm working on.

    One requirement is on initial angular misalignment.

    It states:

    Vector sum of N deg about X and Y axes.

    Does this simply mean that the:

    sqrt(Theta_X^2 + Theta_Y^2) = Theta_Total < N

    Or is there something more complex going on here?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This looks like an incomplete sentence. Could you elaborate?
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    Its an excerpt from a table of requirements. The entire table entry for relative "Angular Missalignment" between two frames A and B consists of the two following requirements.

    1.) They allow 3.0 degrees of angular missalignment about the Z axis.

    2.) The also require that the vector sum of the individual missalignments on the X and Y axes be limited to 3.0 degrees.


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    My interpretation of what the requirement means is the same as yours.
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