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Homework Help: Vector velocity

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    There is a question that is being a pain...Could sombody point me in the proper direction ..this is the question..

    A golf ball is hit with an initial speed of 35m/s at an angle less the 45 degrees above the horizontal.(A)The horizontal velocity componentis (1) greater than,(2) equal to or (3) less than the vertical velocity component.Why? (B) IF the ball is hit at an angle of 37 degrees , what are the initial horizontal and vertical velocity components?.... :confused: :cry:
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    When breaking up velocity components (sin/cos) you multiply the magnitude of velocity (speed) by the sin (for vert) of the angle or cos (for horizontal) of the angle to find each component. So its asking you, when the angle is less than 45 degrees, which component is larger? (This is pretty easy to see if you draw the vector).
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    hi vivek

    lets just keep speed of the golf ball=v
    and angle with hor.=A
    hor. component of vel=v*cosA
    vertical comp.=v*sinA
    when A=45
    so the velocities in hor. n vertical directions r eqal.
    do the 2nd part urself.....

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