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I Vector-wavelet Galerkin projection of Navier-Stokes equation

  1. Aug 6, 2017 #1

    I am having a little trouble understanding a minor step in a paper by [V. Zimin and F. Hussain][1].

    They define a collection of divergence-free vector wavelets as

    $$\mathbf{v}_{N\nu n}(\mathbf{x}) = -\frac{9}{14}\rho^{1/2}_N \mathbf{e}_\nu\times\nabla_\mathbf{s}\bigg(\frac{\cos(s)-\cos(2s)}{s^2}\bigg),$$


    $$ \rho_N = \frac{7\pi}{9}2^{3N} \qquad\text{and}\qquad \mathbf{s} = \pi2^N(\mathbf{x}-\mathbf{x}_{Nn}).$$

    Here does $N$ denote the "scale" of the wavelet.

    Zimin and Hussain then write the Galerkin projection of Navier-Stokes equation onto this divergence-free vector wavelet projection. The Laplacian term in NSE become

    $$ \sum_{\mu}\sum_{m}A_{N\mu m}\int \mathbf{v}_{N\nu n}\cdot\Delta\mathbf{v}_{N\mu m}\,d^3\mathbf{x}. $$

    But, when I try to write down this Galerkin projection I find that the Laplacian term becomes
    $$ \sum_{M}\sum_{\mu}\sum_{m}A_{M\mu m}\int \mathbf{v}_{N\nu n}\cdot\Delta\mathbf{v}_{M\mu m}\,d^3\mathbf{x}. $$

    This is almost, identical to Zimin and Hussain. But I have a additional sum over the scale-index $M$, and I can not seem to get rid of it.

    NB. My feeling is, that this has nothing to do with the explicit form of the divergence-free vector wavelets. But something to do with the fact that they are wavelets (and thus an orthonormal basis) and perhaps (but not so much) that they are divergence-free.

    [1]: http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.868669
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