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Vectorization of simple loops

  1. Mar 26, 2009 #1
    Hie all

    Can anyone please help me with this problem

    I need to vectorize the following MATLAB code :
    for c=1:3
    h = randn(3,3) + j * randn(3,3);
    z( :, :,c) = h;

    Im basically trying to create a 3-D matrix - which has 3 , 2-D matrices (these matrices contain radomly generated complex numbers. The above code is working but i want to vectorize it for faster execution time.

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  3. Mar 26, 2009 #2
    Is there any problem with this:

    Code (Text):

    h = randn(3,3,3) + j * randn(3,3,3);
    EDIT: I missed that you used 'randn' as opposed to 'rand'... I think it will work either way...

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    thanks.. it works....
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