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Homework Help: Vectors and scalars question

  1. Sep 7, 2011 #1

    Solve the following vector equations mathematically:

    a) a + b
    b) c- d
    c) 2a -1/2b
    d) a + c +b


    a = 10m[R]
    b = 20m[L]
    c = 10m
    d = 5m[D]


    a) 10m [R] - 20m [L] = 10m [L]

    b) 10m - 5m [D] = 5m

    c) 20m [R] - 10m [L] = 10m [R]

    d) a + c +b
    = 10m[R] + 10m +{-20m [L]}
    = ?

    Are my answers correct and how do you solve question d.
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    B is wrong. If it was c+d you would minus them but you have the opposite: c-d so you add them.
    Same with C

    D) Add the horizontals first A+B (answer to part a). Then add the 10 m to the horizontal. The answer (resultant) is the hypotenuse, construct a right triangle.
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